WAYNE MIYATA (1942-2005)
Wayne Miyata Wayne Miyata surfboards are designed and produced by real surfers that know the mechanics of a high performance board. The founder, Wayne Miyata, dedicated 50 years of his life to riding, designing, and building surfboards. He perfected old-style techniques of pinlining and glossing surfboards while passing down this knowledge and skill to many of the young men he mentored and who continue to develop the craft as he trained them.
The pro surfing pioneer Wayne Miyata was one of the stars in the cult 60's surfing film "Endless Summer". Wayne Miyata was also a master surfboard designer.


Wayne loved Samurai movies—the signature Wayne Miyata symbol is modeled after his favorite Japanese Samurai actor, Toshiro Mifune. The sturdy, classic construction of "Samurai" will perform for surfers of all skill levels.